4 How to check someone

How to check someone's credit score. You can check someone's credit before trading with them and reduce your overdue accounts. However, keep in mind that the government regards a person's credit as private and secure; You can not check that person's credit without their permission.

Option 1
Ask for written permission to run a credit check from the subject of the check. Alternatively, you can ask the person to get a copy of his credit report and share it with you.

Option 2
Contact your local business association if you are a business owner or landlord. Many trade associations work together to buy credit information at discounted prices.

Option 3
Purchase a credit report through any of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax or TransUnion) if you will do multiple credit checks. Otherwise, you can get credit reports through private investigators or through online credit reporting sites.

Option 4
Inform the respondent if you are making a decision against her on the basis of her credit report. You have a legal obligation to do so. You are also required by law to not discriminate based on credit crises, such as bankruptcy.

4 How to check someone's credit score.

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