Auto insurance definition of trade

Automotive Trade Insurance is a car insurance policy that provides financial protection for the business medium and its drivers. Employees involved in topical collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries, regardless of error.

Auto insurance definition of trade


Commercial vehicles are any means and trailers which a business or company uses to transport materials, goods or equipment related to work. Means of working premiums paid by the company, unlike the policies for the individual means that the vehicle owner pays.


The most common auto trade insurance is the liability insurance coverage, which most states require. It includes a driver responsible for damaging the car or hurting others. Other types of commercial automotive insurance include collisions, no insurance, distance and personal protection.


Factors that can raise premiums include vehicle controls, safety equipment such as airbags and automatic belts, anti-theft equipment and parking positions. The company's earlier insurance request may also affect the cost of insurance.

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