How do I file a tax return in two states?

How to file a tax return in two states. If you work and/or live in more than one state in a calendar year, or if you earn income from property in a state other than your home state, you may be required to file two or more declarations. state tax.


Step 1
Determine if you earned income in multiple states in the year. Your W-2 form will show the states where your income and deductions are determined by the state

Step 2
Determine whether you live in multiple states in the year. Each state has its own residency requirements, but the purpose of stay can be most used.

Step 3
Determine if you live in a state and work in another state.

Step 4
Verify that you are the legal owner of the property in a state other than your state of residence and have total income (income before expenses) from the property. Some states, such as Florida, tax assets over income, so check the rules for any state in which you own the property.

Step 5
Check the filing requirements for all the states where you live, work, or own production assets.

Tax preparation

Step 6
Obtain appropriate status templates as well as instructions by mail or through forms on the Internet. Some states have combined residence / non-residence forms for one year, while others have a one-year residency and non-resident status.

Step 7
In addition, you can bring your tax documents to experienced taxpayers, as well as available forms and instructions so they can help you in the best way.

Good luck!

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