How long do you need to insurance SR22 in Ohio?

In Ohio, SR-22 is the type of auto insurance required for motorists who have high risk. After purchasing and filing with the Ohio Automotive Media agency, the SR-22 insurance must save the driver's profile over a predetermined period of time.

High-risk drivers

The state of Ohio determines who qualified motorists have SR-22 at high risk as those who cause damage over $400 while driving no liability insurance; Motorists cannot process evidence of coverage for the police; And motorists who have been convicted of major traffic violations, such as desperate driving or DUI.

Time Insurance SR-22

There must be insurance SR-22 Ohio for those who drive at high risk for the minimum 36 months in a consecutive month, with the actual courtroom time determined by the severity of the crime. For example, if your driver's license is suspended for five years by DUI, you will be responsible for the SR-22 coverage for five years.

How long do you need to insurance SR22 in Ohio?

Reinstall the Clock

In the case of the Ohio insurance SR-22, do not keep your auto insurance policy active, by not paying a monthly insurance or losing your insurance, will cause the SR-22 filing time to start over from the beginning. This means that the SR-22 insurance is a minimum of three years, so it is important to keep your policy active.

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