How to remove a student loan, default from my credit report

A student loan defaults after you lose 270 days after payment. The default student loan is still in your credit history for seven years after being paid off. The Department of Education lists three options for student loans by default: debt repayment, consolidation of loans and debt recovery. Only rehabilitation loans remove the default from your credit report. Rehabilitation is a one-time option. If you default the second time, you can not recover the loan.

Recover your student loan

Recover the loan in question, to the implementation and completion of a loan repayment agreement with the Department of Education. The first step is to contact the Ministry of Education and request a defaulted loan. For Perkins loans, contact your school instead. Provide information about your income and expenses. Based on this information, the Department of Education determines the amount of payment reasonable and reasonable. You must make nine out of 10 payments on time. "Due" means within 20 days of the due date or within 15 days for Perkins loans. After you make this deal, the personal sector lender purchases your loan. Once the paperwork is processed, the Financial Company directs the credit reporting agencies to delete your default credit file.

How to remove a student loan, default from my credit report

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