Should I buy car rental insurance when renting a car?

When renting a car, the consumer faces a decision – to buy rental car insurance or initially a reduced insurance box and accept full responsibility for the vehicle. The preparation and knowledge make decisions much easier.

Should I buy car rental insurance when renting a car?


Car rental insurance often refers to "annulment of collision damage" or CDW coverage. This includes damage caused by collision, vandalism or theft. Different rates vary by location but may be up to 25 dollars per day.


Purchase Automobile rental Insurance brings peace of mind. Regardless of the error, buying insurance can get rid of financial responsibility for any damage or loss of a rental car. This can be especially reassuring when away from home or in another country.


Most personal auto insurance policies also include rental cars if driving in the United States for recreational purposes. In such cases, the CDW insurance provided by the rental company is not necessary. The terms and conditions of the personal policy are in effect including deductions.

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Some credit card companies offer additional coverage for free if the rental of a car is charged to the card. Such coverage is often paid to any deductions, but the terms vary according to the card issue.

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Car rental companies also provide additional coverage such as non-business personal insurance that is not under the scope of the CDW policy.

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