The way a person views a person's credit score

How to rate your credit score. You have to know how to interpret credit scores to understand what it means. In addition to looking at scores, you should review your credit reports to get an idea of ​​the credit process of someone.

Understand your credit score

Step 1
Check the actual credit score. If you see a person's credit score of over 750, you can rank him or her as having great credit. If the score is less than 650, he or she has poor credit. 720 is the average score for credit.

Step 2
Go through the potential issues of credit reporting. Any unpaid or past due accounts will be listed here, as well as past issues such as foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Step 3
Note the number of accounts in good standing. If this individual keeps all of their accounts paid and up to date, you can assume that they will do the same with your account.

Step 4
Look at your account balance history if it is provided. This list will give you a general idea of ​​how this person has kept up with their payments in the past and provides a broader view of their credit history than the list of His account is in good standing.

Step 5
Counts the number of recent questions that have been made on this person's credit report. The large amount may mean that they are trying to open up new credit lines and may have been rejected by some lenders.

Step 6
Take a look at the overall picture before making any decisions about this person. You may need to ask that person for more information to understand the full picture of his or her credit history before making a decision.

The way a person views a person's credit score

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