What does comprehensive auto insurance mean?

Comprehensive Auto Insurance is one of the three main components of a broad automotive insurance plan. Liability and insurance collisions are the two types left. Comprehensive coverage essentially protects against most direct and random damages that do not involve collisions.

What does comprehensive auto insurance mean?

Basic concepts

Responsibility is usually the auto insurance required by the state specified, as it covers you on injury or damage to others. Comprehensive protection is a common inclusion on an auto-complete insurance policy. It covers you for most types of natural or random causes of car damage not due to collisions.


According to Globalwide and Allstate Overview of Comprehensive auto insurance, insurance may include damage caused by bird exposure or animal, fall or fly objects, theft or stealing, fire, storms, hail, water or flood, malicious or destructive, riots or civil shocks, breaks of glass, explosions or earthquakes.


Prices for the comprehensive auto benefit are affected by crime ratios, weather conditions, driving history and other underlying causes of damage. Some auto owners choose not to include comprehensive coverage in policies for vehicles that are less valuable than or simply they want to take advantage of their opportunities and avoid comprehensive insurance premiums.

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