What includes collision insurance?

Insurance collision or collision insurance is a part of your automobile insurance policy that covers any damage to your vehicle due to accidents. Collision insurance will only include damage caused by the accident you cause. If the accidental damage caused by other motorists ' errors, the cost of repair will be covered by the driver's insurance policy. In general, financial and leasing companies require their clients to have collision insurance.


If your car is new or has the good shape, insurance collisions will help you pay to repair and replace if the accident occurs. It is advisable to purchase enough collision insurance to completely replace the car. A car worth more than 4,000 dollars should have adequate collision coverage.

What is not covered

Wear the usual wear of your vehicle and the cost of regular maintenance is not covered by collisions. Insurance collisions will only cover the cost of damage that has been made by car accidents or some other events covered by specific insurance policies.

What includes collision insurance?


After a car accident, the request must be filed. A mechanic will test the car to give the damage estimates. The difference between the estimated amount and the deduction amount is that the insurance company will pay. The price of the deduction will vary depending on the policy.

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