What is a car insurance group?

Like health insurance, Automotive Group insurance is a kind of insurance that is provided by individual businesses for their employees and organizations for their members. Always optional, auto insurance groups are usually provided with group based discounts.

What is a car insurance group?


In addition to providing discounted premiums for car insurance for employees and organizational members, the automatic group plans are also beneficial for companies that are hiring and supplier group insurance. According to web site finance, companies with car insurance groups can attract more employees and insurance companies that save the cost of management and marketing when dealing with group accounts.

Industries with Group Insurance packages

Some industries have started trends towards group automotive insurance, according to the site AutoQuoteNow.com. Military organizations, including the U.S. military, as well as public service industries such as fire prevention and police, often provide group automobile insurance plans.

Nonprofit auto Insurance Group

In the non-profit sector, especially in religious and volunteer organizations, car insurance groups are becoming popular. It is a method of encouraging group membership and thus providing cheap automobile insurance for members who can lack affordable insurance.

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